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We are a healthcare company that focuses on women’s health and providing unique solutions to diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. AIMA is developing what will be the first, non-invasive diagnostic tool for endometriosis on the market. If you are experiencing chronic pelvic pain/period pain or are having trouble getting pregnant you may have endometriosis.

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March is
Endometriosis Awareness Month1
Join us to have the opportunity to learn more by participating in our virtual screening of Below The Belt. This is a documentary that was in part produced by Hilary Clinton, Orrin Hatch, Shannon Cohn and Rosario Dawson.
"We deserve to be believed. We deserve to be understood. We deserve to be empowered to understand ourselves, our bodies and any medical treatments presented to us. We deserve better across the entire healthcare system. Below the Belt aims to revolutionize the status quo so that people with endometriosis get what we deserve — the right to live healthy, informed, fulfilling lives."
— Rosario Dawson (Executive Producer)

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1 in 4
females have chronic pelvic pain
Chronic Pelvic Pain
1 in 10
females are thought to have endometriosis
1 in 6
couples experience infertility
  1. The National Endometriosis Awareness Month was initiated in 1993 by The Endometriosis Association. This month is recognized internationally through numerous activities that involve educating people about the condition, fundraising, and marches. Yellow ribbons and brochures are distributed to honour the month and raise awareness.